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American Eagle Gold Coin

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American Eagles

American EagleGold CoinAmerican Eagle Gold Coins are the most popular gold bullion coins in the world! Issued by an Act of Congress and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, the Gold American Eagles have become the leading bullion gold coins in America and across the globe.

Extremely Popular Gold Coin Design

Coin collectors have always loved the classic Saint Gaudens' design of a full length figure of Miss Liberty carrying the torch of freedom in one hand and the olive branch of peace in the other. The reverse features a fresh, modern design of a nest of American Eagles with a large eagle hovering over the nest in mid-flight.

Buy American Gold Eagles
How to Buy American Eagle Coins
American Eagle gold coins are theonly gold bullion coins guaranteed by the U.S. Government as to gold weight and purity. American Eagles are official legal tender gold coins of the United States.

Aside from the proof version, the U.S. Mint does not sell American Eagle Bullion coins directly to the public. Instead, the Mint distributes the coins through a network of wholesalers, brokerage companies, precious metal firms, and coin dealers like Austin Rare Coins our parent corporation.

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1 Troy Ounce

.9166 Fine Gold

1.0909 Troy oz

32.70 mm


1/2 Troy Ounce

.9166 Fine Gold

0.5454 Troy oz

27.00 mm


1/4 Troy Ounce

.9166 Fine Gold

0.2727 Troy oz

22.00 mm


1/10 Troy Ounce

.9166 Fine Gold

0.1091 Troy oz

16.50 mm


COMPOSITION:  The Gold American Eagle Coins are 91.67 percent gold as required by law, 3.00 percent silver and 5.33 percent copper.
DESIGN:  The obverse of each coin bears a modified Augustus Saint Gaudens design of Liberty, originally used on U.S. gold pieces from 1907 through 1933.  The reverse features a new “family of eagles” design by Dallas artist Mrs. Miley Busiek, symbolizing family tradition and unity.
MINT FACILITY The coins are minted at the West Point Bullion Depository in West Point, New York.