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China Panda Gold Coins

China Panda Gold CoinWe are excited to announce the release of the new China Gold Panda Coins. Since 1982, every China Gold Panda Coin ever minted has gone up in value in future years!* Many Panda Coins have doubled, tripled, and even multiplied in value up to seven fold!

Today, Gold is affordably priced and it’s a good time to build a collection of Pandas. Only time will tell how profitable the China Gold Panda Coins will be ten years from now.

This rich and profitable history is due to a combination of features that are unique to the China Panda Gold Coin series.

We love both the pure Gold content and the exceptional quality of the China Mint Pandas and recommend you buy your China Panda Gold Coins today and use them to start of date collection.

*Based on Austin Rare Coins and other retailers price for China Gold Pandas in the Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated versions.