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St. Gaudens Gold Coin According to a study by State Street, the average investor has 36% of his assets in cash, up from 26% two years ago. More people are selling Stocks and Bonds- and holding cash—and some are adding to their Gold Coin holdings.

Would you like to put your cash to work... Some place where prices could increase 25% and you could even double your money? It's not risk free, but our idea is quite risk adverse. In our opinion, the Stock Market has no chance of increasing 50% any time soon and a better chance of a 30% correction. Our recommendation is bound to rise given a little time and patience.

OUR RECOMMENDATION:  Buy into a special sector of the precious metals market that you may have never heard of before. This is not a GOLD ETF or ordinary bullion gold coins

Why Precious Metal's Now?
Almost any ordinary gold and silver bullioncoins are good buys when Gold is trading well below the recent $1,900 buy. Nothing has changed our minds that people need the Buy Gold Coins Nowsafetyand security of Gold. In a market correction, there’salways a key moment in time when everythingreverses---Stocks begin to fall and precious metals begin rising. Here’s what you may not know:

Gold and Silver are trading today below miner's all-in costs to take new metals out of the ground and process into refined bullion. So, in our opinion, adding additional Gold Coins (or Silver Dollars) to your portfolio is a wise thing to do at these price levels.

Prices Must Rise As Supplies Fall
Does this make sense? It does to us! The law of supply and demand will eventually seize control of gold prices and silver prices...

Either prices will rise again slowly as mine production slows or there will be a sudden pop triggering short sellers to take their profits and run.

Meanwhile, our phones continue to ring with big investors edging back into the bullion market. More importantly, there's a bigger growing trend in our sales of both U.S. Rare Coins, Ancient Roman Coins, and Ancient Greek Coins.

Right now, one particular sector of the Rare Coin Market is screaming out—“Buy Gold Now, Buy Gold Coins, We’re Dirt Cheap.” We like what are called "common date gold coins." Primarily, you should look at large, gold intensive, nearly 1 ounce, Pre-1933 Liberty Gold and $20 Saint Gaudens. In certain grades, they are undervalued like we haven't seen in years.

Excellent Double-Play Profit Opportunity
This sector offers folks like us an excellent "Double-Play Profit Opportunity" over the next 12-18 months.

You don't fall in love with Pre-1933 “Common Date Gold Coins... These are not the highest quality or the Rarest Coins. They are classic, old U.S. Gold Coins. They are among a handful of dates that exist in quantity. Hence, they are the more common dates. Collectors love them! They are the best starter gold coins for investors who own a pile of American Eagle or other modern gold coins—and want to diversity and begin collecting old coins.

Yes, There's A Catch. Let’s say over the next few years, gold prices rise 30% These coins will almost automatically sell at the higher gold prices. However, the Double-Profit opportunity comes if the premium over these coins rise an additional 20% to 30%. To make this plan work out, you must be ready to sell back to us on short notice- and take your profits.

You have to be willing to buy Common Date Gold Coins on the dips, or big dips like we're in today, and be willing to sell in a rising market.

Let’s say that that you are a typical saver today and have 36% of your assets parked in cash, paying near zero interest. This is one way to put some of that cash to work for you in an area that is both Gold driven and collector driven. There’s no guarantee here. And there is a modest amount of risk over holding ordinary Gold Bullion. The key here is whether you feel the need to buy more Gold AND want to diversify as well.

Patience Pays OffSt. Gaudens Gold Coin
We’ve successfully recommended “Common Date” Gold Coins at many times over the past 30+ year history of Austin Rare Coins. Over time, the combination of rising Gold prices and a shortage of available Gold can create significant Double Profits.

If you like this idea, the key is to have an experienced team to recommend the most undervalued gold coins at this moment in time. Not everything is undervalued. It’s easy to buy the wrong coins. In fact, it takesknowledge of a trained, experienced Rare Coin Specialist who’s done his homework for you to be successful.Buy Gold Coins Now

That’s why we’re here. Our staff at our parent company, Austin Rare Coins, can assemble a $10,000 or $25,000 set for you. It will likely include the nearly one ounce, $20 Liberty Gold 1877 to 1907 and the $20 Saint-Gaudens design minted only from 1907-1932. What dates and grades are most undervalued today?

Call and we can tell you today’s best buys 1-800-928-6468.