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Why Buy Gold and Gold Coins

American Gold EaglesThe #1 goal of Gold owners should be to secure ourselves and our wealth from the folly of the U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve. Buying Gold today is not, in our minds, for "investment" reasons alone. Buying Gold is a trade out of risk. Usually it's a trade out of U.S. Dollars sitting in cash, bank CDs, bonds, or U.S. stocks trading near record highs.

Buy Gold today as a defensive trade despite the outstanding gains for Gold in recent years. Thousands of our clients have been elated when their Gold's value doubled, tripled, quadrupled, then quintupled in value. 

Gold goes up and Gold goes down in value like any other investment.  That said, we still urge you to buy Gold by weighing the risks of doing nothing versus the rewards of trading paper into Gold. To use Gold as a hedge you must buy physical Goldform that can be safely held in your possession and easily available in any emergency.

Best Reasons to Buy Gold Today
• Buy Gold as an alternative investment to holding risky paper dollars.
• Buy Gold to protect family wealth from years of inflation.
• Buy Gold as an alternative to holding bonds or bank savings paying less than inflation.
• Buy Gold for freedom and independence from Government intrusion into our lives.
• Buy Gold as insurance against terrorist attacks on our economy.
• Buy physical Gold Coins because they are absolutely Gov't debt free.
Buy precious metals on dips– like we're in today. They're rare in a bull market.

Long-term Benefits of Buying Gold This Century

Buying Gold in the 21st Century has paid off handsomely as Gold outperformed Stocks, Bonds, and traditional holdings. If you prefer to think of Gold only as an investment, since January 1, 2000, Gold has averaged annual gains of about 30%.

U.S. Stocks
From January 2000 to December 2011 Dow Industrial Stocks averaged 4.73% due to frequent crashes in the 21st Century. An alternative to Stocks today would be a Five-year Treasury Bonds paying 1.51% going forward. Clearly, money stuck in CDs and Bonds are paying far less than real U.S. inflation as measured by a loss of buying power- not the phony Government data.

Buy Gold as a Defensive Strategy against Stock Crashes
We feel almost everyone should own Gold as a defensive strategy to avoid the disastrous consequences of frequent Stock Market “corrections” and crashes. In the worst of times for Stocks, Gold protects your life savings from falling to zero.

Gold will never become worthless. The history of the U.S. Stock Market abounds with corporations' Stocks that soared, crashed, and became worthless.

NASDAQ After Crash
During the Dot Com Stock Market bust of 2000, the entire NASDAQ Stock Market lost 80% of its value. Every $100,000 invested in Stocks became worth only $20,000. Millions of people lost everything as dot com companies became worthless.

Terrorists Threaten All Stocks
Lest we forget, after the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attack, U.S. Stockholders lost $1.4 Trillion Dollars in valuation in just 7 days. Stocks can go down in a hurry while Gold protects in a crisis.

Buy Gold for Privacy & Protection
For a fact, buying Gold circumvents and counteracts many risks including the Obama Administration and the Federal Reserve’s massive money printing machine that is destroying the U.S. Dollar. Today, we recommend our readers have a core holding of 5% to 10% (at minimum) to protect from the real probability of a Dollar crisis created by Washington’s expansive borrowing and spending policies paid for by the Federal Reserve creating trillions of dollars of paper money.

We believe that in the coming years rising inflation or hyperinflation is bound to destroy a substantial portion of the buying power of the U.S. Dollar– whether or not we have a Dollar crisis. Inflation is an awful way for politicians to tax away (steal) everyone’s savings and future earnings.

Gold Stock Warning
Please do not buy Gold Stocks unless you fully understand the following– 

Gold Stocks are highly volatile by nature, highly speculative investments.

The success of a Gold miner's stock is dependent upon the corporation’s management decisions, environmentalists not slowing or halting the opening of new mines, workers not striking, and ever-changing Government policies in far off places where Gold can still be found. Then, there's the low quality of today's raw Gold ore and whether a mining company can operate the mines profitably at current and future Gold prices.

That's a lot of risk.

In summary, we believe Gold Coins in your physical possession are always the safest bet and wisest way to own Gold.
Where To Buy Gold Coins

  1. Reputable dealers in business a minimum of 20 years.

  2. A trusted firm with a perfect A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.

  3. A large dealer with buying clout to limit the premiums.

  4. Someone who will be in business to buy your Gold back in the future.

  5. Never from someone who advertises on Cable TV.

  6. From a knowledgeable firm with a website that answers all your questions.

  7. Real people with a real, physical location and employees.

  8. Never on Ebay.

  9. From a firm you can call, ask questions, seek expert advice.

The Case for Buying More Gold Today
As one of America's best known and most trusted Gold dealers Austin Rare Coins & Bullion has Gold Advisors on call to answer questions, quote prices, and take your Gold orders. Be sure to ask about "private, non-reportable Gold." Our team is on call 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

Call 1-800-928-6468 and let us begin to put your gold insurance policy in place today. We can quickly trade your paper dollars for genuine, Gold Coins to protect your family now and for generations to come. Call us, we can help.