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American Buffalo Gold Coins

Buy Buffalo Gold Coins at Austin CoinsFor the first time in history, the U.S. Mint began striking Gold Coins, the American Buffalo Gold Coins, in 99.99%fine Gold. No other gold coin in the world is minted to finer standards than the Buffalo Golds.

You can acquire the American Buffalo Gold Coins directly from Austin Rare Coins a recommended U.S. Mint dealer. In fact, the American Buffalo series, issued in Gem Brilliant Uncirculated condition is not available directly from the Mint.

Buy Buffalo Gold Coins at Austin CoinsThe unique features of the American Buffalo include:

* Minted in 24 karat, solid gold at the West Point, N.Y. branch.
* Each coin is recognized as official legal tender.
* The American Eagle bears on each coin the date, weight, Gold content, and $50 face value.
* Size is about one and one-quarter inches in diameter.

You may be surprised to learn that despite the near-perfect, brand new condition, and the extensive attention to detail, the American Buffalo sells at only a small premium over its gold content.

More photos and live American Buffalo prices at Austin Rare Coins.