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Pampa Gold Bar

Gold Bars and Gold Bullion Bars are typically struck in .9999 pure Gold and are minted at refineries all across the globe in different shapes and sizes. You can purchase Gold bullion bars in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from one troy ounce to 400 troy ounces. 

A very popular Gold Bar for Gold investment is the 99.99% certified Pure Gold Swiss Pamp Gold Bar, which is individually registered and sealed in a protective holder along with its official "Assay Certificate" that guarantees the fineness of 99.99% pure Gold content at one troy ounce.


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Royal Canadian Gold Bar
Make sure to check out Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Gold Bars refined to the highest standards of 99.99% fine Gold. This one troy ounce Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar is very popular with both U.S. and worldwide buyers. One of the reasons they are so attractive is their convenient size of about 1 5/8 inches by 15/16 inches. These Gold Bullion Bars are easy to carry in case they are needed for barter in an emergency.

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