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Gold Coins The Importance of Gold

Throughout the history of mankind for 5,000 years, Gold has been money. Gold was money. Gold is money. Every attempt to replace a Gold backed currency with a fiat currency has failed.

“Every paper currency, given enough time, has failed.”

We predict Gold is approaching a time when it will be a distinct form of money unto itself. So let us remind you of why Gold is highly prized as wealth, an industrial metal, for decoration as a symbol of success, and as a long-term storehouse of wealth beyond government control.

Here are 20 reason to buy Gold:


  1. Malleable, easy to shape
  2. Coinage in various sizes
  3. A monetary system worldwide
  4. Portable money in an emergency
  5. Decorative and loved in Jewelry
  6. A concentrated form of wealth
  7. A symbol of success
  8. An excellent electrical conductor
  9. Highly resistant to oxidation
  10. An investment vehicle in physical ford
  11. Widely held in Central Banks worldwide
  12. AU on the Table of Elements
  13. 24 karat, in is nearly perfect form
  14. The purest form of wealth
  15. Used in outer space
  16. Money, Gold has always been money
  17. A storehouse of wealth
  18. Used as a hedge against inflation
  19. A liquid investment throughout the world
  20. An international currency that no one nation on Earth can control

One online dictionary defines money this way, putting Gold Coins at the top of the list.
A piece of metal, as gold, silver, copper, etc., coined, or stamped, and issued by the sovereign authority as a medium of exchange in financial transactions between citizens and with government; also, any number of such pieces; coin.

Gold clearly meets this widely accepted definition of money. Gold represents strength, wealth, political power, and has always been a symbol of success and timeless admiration.

The most popular forms of Gold Bullion Coins sold by Austin Rare Coins & Bullion include:

•  European Gold Coins (Euro Gold)

Gold American Eagles

•  Canadian Mapleleaf Gold Coins

•  Austrian Philharmonic Gold

See all Gold Bullion Coins

Gold Coins are Described as “Official” Coined Money
“It has been found necessary to affix a public stamp upon certain quantities of such particular metals, as were in those countries commonly made use of to purchase goods. Hence the origin of coined money, and of those public offices called mints." - A. Smith

Gold Coins clearly meet the widely accepted definition of money that is easily bought, sold, and traded daily worldwide.

That’s why we say Gold was money, Gold is money, and Gold will be money throughout our lifetimes and for generations to come.